How to Fix a Car Horn

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How to Fix a Car Horn

Check fuse

Locate and open the fuse box of the car. The vehicle owner’s manual tells you exactly where it is. You are likely to find under the driver’s side of the dash.

Check the alarm button

Remove the fuse that corresponds to the horn using a fuse puller or pliers to August The inside cover of the fuse box is usually printed with a diagram that allows you to determine the fuse to pull. And it is not, consult the owner’s manual.

Check the wiring horn

Examine the fuse to determine if it is in working order. The interior of the transparent plastic housing of the wick is a strip of metal that extends from one pole to the other. If the tape is visibly burned or broken, replace the fuse.

Remove the screws that hold the steering wheel cover in place using a Phillips screwdriver. Remove the cover.

Check the horn button screw dislodged, plastic pieces or anything that can prevent the key is pressed.

Remove any obstructions. Replace the cover and screws.

Lift the hood off your car. Disconnect the battery with a ratchet or wrench.

Locate the horn of your car. Instructions for your car should tell you exactly where it is.

Disconnect the two wires from the horn with a ratchet or wrench.

Remove the two corrosion horn contact points or accumulation with a piece of folded sandpaper.

Reconnect horn wires. Connect the car battery. Test of the horn. If this still does not work, you have two options: replace the horn or consult a mechanic.