How to repair a car battery?

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How to repair a car battery?

What did you do last time the battery of your car started not to hold accountable as much as usual? I bet you just received a new one installed. The problem is new batteries are expensive and the old ones contain all sorts of things that can damage the environment. Did you know that in most cases it is possible to recondition old car batteries to their former glory. This will not only save you money, (a lot of money), but also stops your old battery from damaging the environment. Read on to find the 3 steps you need to take to rejuvenate your old car battery.

The first step to take is to test the voltage of your battery with a hand meter. You will need to do this because if the voltage does not read at least 12 volts, there may be a faulty cell in your battery. You will need to carefully avoid wasting your time on batteries that are not economical to repair, and this voltage test is the first step in doing this. It will be very important to complete this first step correctly, completely and well. If for some reason you can not fill it correctly, and if the battery will not play 12 volts, it is probably best to move on to the next one.

You can always go back and test each cell individually at a later date. The second step is to test the battery fluid itself with a densimeter, (available from your car repair or in a hardware store.) Simply soak it in each fluid tank, and suck a sample of liquid in its reservoir up to. The bulb must float in the green space on its scale. What you should avoid here becomes one of the fluids on your skin or clothing because it is acidic and can burn.

Also, if unsealed battery has a.030 (sometimes expressed as 30 “points”) or more difference in the specific gravity reading between the lower and upper cell, then you should equalize the battery using an electrolyte liquid solution additive. These additives are available online or at auto parts stores. The last step is to fully recharge the battery. This is very important because if your battery is not fully charged can not prove reliable.

What is important is to avoid when connecting the charger circuit always plug the red or positive lead first, and when you are finished disconnect the first black or negative. In this way, there will be no sparks at the terminals. Go through the steps as detailed above and everything should be fine. You will have handled reconditioning an old car battery easily and quickly. Just keep the steps in order, for the reasons explained, while carefully avoiding the pitfalls, problems and potential errors mentioned.

Then enjoy the fruits and great things about having your own car battery rehabilitated. Remember this is a skill you can perform for others, and you can also resell reconditioned batteries for much less than a new one. This will be money you will have gained by your time and energy alone, as you can pick up used batteries to recondition for free.

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