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How to Sell a Car to a Scrapyard in Canada

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How to Sell a Car to a Scrapyard

Selling a car to a scrap dealer is a great way to make some extra money in Canada.It helps get rid of something that is probably taking up space in your yard or driveway.

Junk Car

Things You Need:

  1. Get the car title together, along with your ID. Most scrap yards will not buy a car unless you actually actually own it and can provide proof of it.
  2. Call Junk Car Yards. Not many places in the Brampton area actually buy junk cars. Junk Car Yards serves all around the region of Brampton. They will not only buy your junk car, but also pay cash.
  3. Call Us and request a quote. You can then make arrangements to get them and pick up your vehicle. Junk Car Yards offers a free towing service if your junk car does not work or you do not want to bother with driving to them.