how to repair car door lock

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Repair Car Door Lock

Any kind of car repair can be expensive. If your automatic locking does not work, here are four easy steps to repair the door lock of the car.

Step 1 – Check the least obvious first

This should be the most obvious, but most of the time we simply do not think about the automatic key locking on our keychains. Called a fob key, it is used by a battery that wears out after several years of use. Replace the battery and check that it is in working order again.

Step 2 – Check the other door locks

Before rushing to tear off the door panel and replace the wires and parts, check the other locks. Do they work?Otherwise, you have a blown fuse. If they work, the problem is very likely in the door lock solenoid.

Step 3 – Work the lock manually

While the key is in place, work the door manually up and down while using the auto lock at the same time. If the lock tries to move, it is a frozen lock mechanism.

Step 4 – Move the door back and forth
Hold down the lock button as you move slowly and close the door. If the lock is working, you have a broken or frayed wire that needs to be changed or repaired.

Try these tips for a quick way to repair the door lock of the car. If these tips do not work and you can not find the problem, you will have to see a mechanic.