Repair Your Car Bumpers At Home

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Repair Your Car Bumpers At Home

Stuck between parked cars, struck by pylons, striped, sunken, scratched, the bumpers are damaged over time. Especially if you drive in town. But know that you can return them their initial appearance.

Black bumpers


The bumper does not necessarily come back to its original form. Intervene quickly, before a bad fold is taken. It may be necessary to remove the bumper to apply pressure to the top of the “bump”. You can also “lightly” soften the plastic with a heat gun. Be careful not to overheat the plastic, it can melt.


A deep cleaning allows to find a semblance of good pace. Then, four technologies can restore color to a tarnished shield. One can either “varnish” (Polytrol) or tint (Black Choc) or repaint. Otherwise, a light heating with the thermal stripper re-unites the color and erases the white marks due to a deformation. Adjust the distance and power to avoid burning the surface. If possible, exercise first on a broken bumper recovered from a body builder.

Painted bumpers

Clear Traces

All traces of paint of another color due to friction with another vehicle as well as recalcitrant insects can be easily erased. Using a slightly abrasive polish, proceed in exactly the same way as on the body. The paint of your car, even varnished will not suffer, and only the inappropriate color will be removed.

Retouching paint

A small claw, or a slight scratch are easy to camouflage with a touch-up pen. Your dealer will provide the right color, if not the closest. Clean the damaged area and sand the core of the scratches. This promotes the attachment of the paint. Place a thin coat of lacquer, allow to dry and start again until a perfect filling of the hollow. Final sanding and polishing with an abrasive paste will finish the job.

Repaint the entire bumper

If the damage is too great, it will be necessary to repaint the entire bumper. It is a delicate job. Especially for the shields coordinated to the body in varnished metallic. Only a coachbuilder will be able to do a clean job. Count a hundred euros. Advice, take advantage of an intervention on the bodywork to negotiate the veil of paint on the shields. But do not wait for miracles, the scratches will not disappear.

Protecting Shields

An effective solution is to protect the protruding parts of your bumpers to prevent the paint from tearing out in case of friction. You can thus equip the car with adhesive rectangular protections, for example (about 12 € per pair in the car center). Better: specialists can find clear, polyurethane adhesive films (about 30 €) which, when placed, are perfectly invisible. Resistant to washing, they can remain in place for months, even years, and thus preserve your shields from external aggressions.